Monday, July 16, 2007

Municipal Council approves measures for “Lex’s Clean Mahinog”

THE MUNICIPAL Council has approved in final reading the Code of Cleanliness and Sanitation Ordinance that will give legal muscles in the implementation of Lex’s Clean Mahinog Program, the Office of the Vice Mayor announced.

“We in the Municipal Council will do all we can to fast track the A.L.E.X. development agenda,” says Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle.

The LGU is set to conduct a massive information and education drive to the public before the ordinance is implemented.

The ordinance, which is a compilation of existing and supplementary ordinances pertaining to cleanliness and sanitation, will institutionalize the “tapat mo linisin mo” system, where every household and establishment is required to clean their immediate surroundings.

Acle said he was confident that Lex’s Clean Mahinog would gain favorable support among Mahinognons because all these are geared in making our town a more beautiful, comfortable and livable place a real showcase of Mahinog the gateway to Camiguin. “After all, these would give every Mahinognon a sense of pride for our very own town- to be a wholesome place to live in,” the vice mayor said.

In an official statement released to The Trumpet, Arlino Arca, president of Mahinog Market Vendors Association, said: “I applaud the LGU Mahinog especially Mayor Alex Jajalla for implementing without partiality, the dormant municipal ordinances pertaining to the public market. In doing so, criticisms are expected yet, I strongly concur to such move for it is beneficial to us vendors and buyers alike. Mabuhay ka A.L.E.X.”

Jacinta Pulvera, market revenue collector and a member of the composite team, said the program has gained positive result due to the cooperation of all vendors. “All vendors cooperated especially the proper arrangement on their respective area, eyesores, make-shift extension, illegal structures were cleared, tables and stalls were already used for the purpose it was leased, eateries using firewood were acted upon and store owners were also required to install garbage receptacles.” (Mahinog Information Office)

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