Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Queobe Training Center to rise soon

PREPARATIONS are now gaining headway for the construction of a 1.06 million training center at Queobe Eco Park, at barangay San Miguel, Municipal Agriculturist and Queobe Caretaker Willy P. Lobido announced recently.

The project, he said, was made possible through funding assistance from National Agriculture and Fishery Council (NAFC) that allocated P810,000 and municipal government of Mahinog that counterparted P250,000 for this training center that will accommodate 100 persons.

Mayor Alex Jajalla announced the project will be started anytime next month and expected to be completed in time of the celebration of Camiguin Lanzones Festival by October this year.

Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Benito C. Paderanga said this project is part of the Queobe Eco Park Medium Term Development Plan covering mini zoo, campsite, children’s park, cottages, dormitory, view deck and picnic sheds.

In his request for financial assistance addresssed to Department of Tourism Regional Director Butch Chan, the mayor wrote, “While we are elated on this development, things are still need to be done like the construction of swimming pool, park entrance, gateway, view deck and picnic grove. We firmly believe that these components can pool people to visit the area once constructed. I hope you can assist us in sourcing funds for this purpose,” reads portion of Mayor Jajalla’s letter request.

Queobe Eco Park is located at the 10 hectare government property at the top of Benoni Lagoon overlooking Benoni Port. The site was used as venue of two past BSP and GSP jamborees. (Homer R. Jajalla- Municipal Information Office)

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