Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fr. Marlo S. Acenas launches faith-raising campaign for church improvements

by Homer R. Jajalla

FOR less than two years since Fr. Marlo Acenas became our parish priest, we can see big changes in the entire church and in the vicinity – and a lot more are still underway with the help of the Parish Finance Council that he created.

From convent renovation and repainting, landscaping, fencing to face lifting of church facade, including installation of additional lighting, improvement of altar and confessional, establishment of a function hall,to mention a few.

Moreover, in February 2008 a shrine of our Lady of Lourdes located in front of the church was dedicated. This project was completed by now parish priest reverend Fr. Acenas.

Many projects are still in mind to meet the growing needs in our parish community. But we faced a lot of problems on how to go about it with meager resources of funds.

This, Fr. Acenas established the Parish Finance Council (PFC) to asses the present and future needs of the parish. This Council will help the parish priest in the faith raising campaign which is meant to raise the spiritual consciousness of everyone by way of sharing their resources for the much needed improvements of our church.

The Parish Finance Council is composed of Jaime B. Acero, chairman; Apolinaria A. Babanto, vice chairperson; Cristina B. Lao, secretary; Vergelio P. Dy, Jr., assistant secretary; Judith P. Baita, treasurer; Deodora A. Lim, auditor.

Members: Helen D. Dayao, Christie V. Quintana, Fidela E. Virtudazo, Grema E. Oclarit, Jaime R. Popera, Procesa Guzman and Angelita B. Lao.

For less than two months, the campaign showed positive results raising handily PhP 240,000 which is being used in the construction of extension perimeter fence in front of the convent, which is almost complete. We would like to acknowledge the following people who sponsored each block of the fence in the amount of P15, 000 each.

1.Ms. Nice S. Aranas and Family;

2.Ms. Narcita B. Redido and Family;

3.Mr. and Mrs. Dante A. Babanto

4.Mr. and Mrs. Valentin F. Babanto and Family;

5.Ms. Hermelina C. Pagaran and Ms. Clarita Pagaran Pana;

6.Ms. Fidela E. Virtudazo and Family

7.Ms. Helen D. Dayao and Family;

8.Ms. Editha D. Brown and Family;

9.Mr. and Mrs.Felipe L. Oclarit, Jr. and Family;

10.Engr. Jessie and Mrs. Crischel Lao Tan;

11.Ms. Petra B. Lao and Family;

12.Mr. and Mrs. Efren F. Guzman;

13.Ms. Christie V. Quintana and Family;

14.Mr. and Mrs. Jaime R. Popera and Family;

15.Mr. and Mrs. Victorino V. Lim and Family;

16.King’s Family

17. Mr. Jaime B. Acero and Ms. Judith P. Baita for sponsoring the fabrication and installation of steel gate.

We are very grateful for your gift and want to thank you for partnering with us to serve our parish.

The next project will be the establishment of a candelabrum in the old bell tower. This place is intended for everyone where they can light candles and offer prayers.

In our effort to complete and undertake more church improvements, we decided to publish this souvenir program where through your financial generosity can benefit to the well being of our parish.

We are inviting everyone, in and outside the country, to partake this faith raising campaign as we continue to undertake more church projects in our hearts rooted in the heart of Jesus Christ as we pledge to grow in God’s love as a faith community.

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