Saturday, April 18, 2009


by Homer R. Jajalla

THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL of Mahinog in the province of Camiguin had proposed that in order to provide traffic congestion relief along Poblacion national highway, an alternate road from Barangay San Roque to Letican in Poblacion must be opened.

In a resolution filed by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle, the Council approved, April 13, 2009, a resolution requesting the Department of Public and Highways to conduct a survey study at the proposed site. Another resolution was passed asking Congressman Pedro P. Romualdo to authorize and fund this road opening project and include in his list of priority projects for this year.

“There is only one major road passing through the town of Mahinog Poblacion and that is the national highway connecting Mambajao and Benoni and when there is a parade or major event happening in the town, motorists have no choice but to slog through the traffic and crowded streets along the Poblacion creating bottlenecks and security problems in the area,” the resolution states.

The proposed road will run by turning right between Villamil house and Mahinog Central School to the residential areas along the rice field, then climb left to get to thenational highway at the junction of Burgos St. and national highway in Letican going to Mambajao.

Vice Mayor Acle enumerated the benefits of this new road 1) to provide alternate route and congestion relief at Poblacion Highway for commuters and pedestrian; 2) pave the way to urban development of the town; 3) spur economic opportunities among residents in these areas traversed by this road; 4) open up future construction of more tributary roads connecting to the major thoroughfares 4) serve as farm to market roads which will assure the immediate delivery of agricultural products in market areas, which in turn maximizes the harvest potential of the farmers as well as speed up travel time. - (Municipal Information Office)

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