Thursday, June 4, 2009


by Homer R. Jajalla

LOCAL GOVERNMENT employees here today welcomed the passage in Congress Joint Resolution 26 otherwise known as Salary Standardization Law (SSL-3) that would upgrade the compensation of low-level employees up to the top positions in government effective July 1.

Mahinog Union of Municipal Employees (MUME) President Neolida P. Salon welcomed this development on behalf of local government employees who stand to be benefited by the salary hike which could help low-level employees soften the effects of the economic slow down.

“This will bring economic benefits for all of us to be able to go through these difficult times,” the employees union president said.

She admitted though it is not yet clear how this salary standardization law is going to be implemented in local government units.

Local officials here have yet to await for the implementing guidelines from the Department of Budget on the matter.

President Gloria Macapacal Arroyo earlier certified this measure as urgent and made sure it will be passed and implemented before her term expires in 2010 as part of the Philippine government’s economic intervention policy to combat the global recession.

The timely implementation of SSL-3 will help the economy at this time of global economic crisis and perk up the economy through spending, a Malacanang press statement said.

It added that the salary standardization will be implemented in four yearly tranches starting in July 1, 2009 until 2013. (Mahinog Municipal Information Office)

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