Monday, December 14, 2009

Four opposition candidates withdraw candidacies

Mahinog, Camiguin –Four local candidates running for the position of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) here had withdrawn their candidacies for the May 10, 2010 elections, according to the Comelec office here.

The four candidates are Magdalena Acero, Alvin Madelo, Anita Abao and Felix Balasabas, all belonging to the opposition Liberal Party (LP) under Sosino Paderanga, the party's mayoralty bet in the municipality of Mahinog.

Magdalena Acero was substituted by Roberto Ucat, while Alvin Madelo by Felix Balasabas who later withdrew his candidacy. Balasabas was immediately substituted by Johnny Louie Atinen.

No substitute has been made for Anita Abao as of 5:00 pm on December 14, it was learned.

Section 13 of Comelec Resolution No. 8678 provides that the substitute for a candidate who withdrew has only up to December 14, 2009 to file his certificate of candidacy for the office affected.

A candidate can be substituted in case of death, disqualification or withdrawal, according to the same Comelec ruling.

In the case of withdrawal, the party to which the candidate belongs can nominate the substitute candidate before the deadline. No substitute is allowed for any independent candidate.

The substitute for a candidate who died or suffered permanent incapacity or disqualified by final judgment, may file his certificate of candidacy up to mid-day of election day.

The Comelec ruling further stated that no person who has withdrawn his candidacy for a position shall be eligible as substitute candidate for any other position after the deadline for filing of certificates of candidacy.

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