Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bold action in 2010 for those who stand in the way of progress, Mayor says

Mahinog, Camiguin. – The municipal government is now taking the "bold action" in helping that derailed projects for the development of Benoni port could proceed without delay in 2010, Mayor Alex R. Jajalla said during the weekly flag raising ceremony on Monday.

He said this after the implementation of Benoni port development project was derailed due to resistance of the two Dayao families to relocate and give way to the project despite compensation package the government offered to them.

The mayor said the government is getting impatient over the prolonged delay of these families to relocate, adding it is now time to take bold action against them.

The Philippine Ports Authority had released some P11 million pesos for the development of Benoni Port and resettlement of affected families living near the port area.

Benoni port is part of major routes of the central nautical highway to and from the island of Mindanao and the rest of the country.

"Decisive action is what people expect us to take without delay," he said, adding that the government is doing what is good and right for the interest of the greatest number of people who will benefit from the port development projects.(Homer R. Jajalla, Mahinog MIO)


  1. go ahead with that project mayor! that's for the development of the municipality of mahinog.

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  3. Can someone elaborate what this "bold action" is?
    please re-negotiate with Dayao families, don't wanna see my neighbors heading to jail..

    but do what is just, it's your call.

    btw,i'm curious, what do they want that they refuse to relocate? is the compensation enough though? what is going on?


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