Friday, January 22, 2010

Solon urged to support bill exempting senior citizens from EVAT

Mahinog, Camiguin – The Municipal Council presided by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle passed on Monday a resolution urging Congressman Pedro P. Romualdo, Representative of the Lone District of Camiguin, to file or support a bill exempting senior citizens from the 12-percent expanded value-added tax (E-VAT) on goods and services they buy.

Under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003, senior citizens are entitled to a 20 percent discount on their purchase of goods and services like medical and dental care, transport fare, among others.

Councilor Liberato E. Babanto, principal author, lamented that since 2006 the discount has been effectively reduced to only 8 per cent since seniors were also required to pay the 12 percent E-VAT in their purchase of medicines, goods and services.

"The exemption of senior citizens from the 12% EVAT is long overdue since the 20% discount is not fully enjoyed by the senior citizens due to the imposition of 12 % E-VAT on goods and services they buy," said Babanto, chair, SB committee on family relations and social services.

He said most of our senior citizens after retirement have no stable means of income and the enjoyment of 20 percent full discount on medicines and other benefits as provided for by law would really ease their financial burdens.

Several bills were filed in both houses of Congress seeking to grant additional benefits and privileges for senior citizens. A bicameral conference committee was created to craft a common version of the measure when Congress resumes session in January, it was learned. (Homer R. Jajalla – Municipal Information Office)


  1. i'm sure this will help mama and tatay save money which i would really like to see..but it would decrease gov's tax revenue and i'm sure there's a domino effect (whatever that is)..unless the pros and cons are spelled out, i don't really know where to stand. this will require intensive study and probably years of review,so good luck!

  2. good move sb mahinog..this kind of bill is what filipinos needed,that has direct impact on daily lives of every juan!never mind the decrease of govt.revenue,most of it are not spent the way it should be anyway!

  3. "never mind the decrease of govt.revenue,most of it are not spent the way it should be anyway!"
    If this is the case, then i agree with you. But it sounds like there's no trust owed to the gov't.


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