Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Local officials want EMB to monitor water quality in Mantigue island

Mahinog, Camiguin - In a resolution passed by the Municipal Council, local officials here have requested the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) to conduct a systematic and monthly observation on water quality in Mantigue island.

Mantigue Island is a 6.9 hectare nature sanctuary approximately 15 minutes from barangay San Roque in the town of Mahinog.

The resolution noted that while concerted efforts are underway to resurrect Mantigue island's viability as an eco tourism destination, increasing tourist influx threatens the quality of island's immediate coastal waters.

Councilor Kaiser A. Abao, the resolution's principal author, said it is critical that appropriate measures are taken now to avert problem situations in the future that affect human health and marine life in the islet.

He said the conduct of regular monitoring is to afford local government to be more aware what needs to be done for the island's long term sustainability.

"We do not want to experience another Boracay in the future," the councilor said.

In 1997, the people of Boracay Island, Philippines were shaken by the news that its coastal waters were declared unsafe for recreational activities due to presence of high levels of coliform.

The resolution was addressed to Dr. Sabdullah C. Abubacar, EMB, Regional Director, Region X, Cagayan de Oro City for his information and immediate favorable action.


  1. every boat that sends tourists to Mantigue island should carry some sort of trash bin and remind the tourist to take their trash back to the boat to be disposed off properly in the main island..make the tourists responsible, i think its not too much to ask.

    A code for the ethical tourist:
    take nothing but memories,
    leave nothing but footprints,
    Shoot nothing but photographs,
    kill nothing but time.

  2. simple yet very useful idea melga!


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