Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sabo dam engineer denies using laser to prevent rains

Mahinog, Camiguin. – The contractors of a half-billion pesos Sabo dam project here have denied "wild rumors" that they are using laser to hit clouds supposedly to prevent rains to avoid delays in the construction project.

"The rumor is not true," said Ryuta Akiyoshi, project manager from Toyo Construction for the project flood disaster mitigation in Camiguin."

He made the statement on Monday at the flag raising ceremony in municipal hall in the presence of municipal officials, employees, barangay captains and some farmers' representatives.

Akiyoshi was accompanied by Mr. Joselito C. Retuya, Engineering Head of the same project.

Some residents here have reportedly seen strange light in the sky during nighttime.

Then rumors began spreading that Sabo dam contractors were using laser to shoot rain clouds in the sky to prevent rains. These rumors have alarmed farmers who need rains amid prolonged dry spell caused by El Niño phenomenon.

Akiyoshi said: "I am surprised when I received the letter form your beloved Mayor asking us if the rumor is true regarding that Toyo have a laser beam to prevent rain."

"If this technology is readily available in the market, our company is very much interested to purchase it," he said.

"It will be a big help for us especially we are in the construction industry," he added.

He said: "if this gadget is available, construction of Sabo dam is not necessary."

The Sabo dam project is a grant aid amounting to approximately 500 million pesos from the Government of Japan which involves the construction of two (2) Sabo dams, barriers to prevent landslides, along Pontod River and the reconstruction of Hubangon Bridge in the town of Mahinog.

Mayor Alex R. Jajalla called the rumors "totally unfounded" and "unfair" for the Government of Japan, who have been very generous to the people of Camiguin in providing this multi-million flood disaster mitigation project.

"I hope that the statement of Toyo engineers will "put these rumors to rest," Mayor Jajalla said.



  1. Well, this is sad. people needs to know that such thing is nonexistent.

    First thing that came to my mind is, this "belief" indicates that we seriously need a stronger foundation of science and technology..Maybe we should buy books first before building that Sabo dam to help people understand and recognize
    myths from facts (science)? Why no one is donating money for a public library?

  2. hi,

    do you think my previous comment is offensive? i was trying to delete it, but there's no way to delete. So, maybe i should explain.

    Well, i am embarrassed of myself bcos that above comment i made will probably sound disrespectful to other people. now im thinking that i should respect what other people believe in. I should take into consideration the factors why such belief exist; and focus on helping to resolve the issue rather than complaining.

    The leaders did a good job by addressing people's concern and making clear that rain/cloud diffuser does not exist. i think the effort to help them understand the situation is what i should be happy about.

    i do apologize. thank you.

  3. I think this social networking site is free to share opinions to every residents of mahinog who are observant of what is really happened in mahinog now.....i received rumors regarding the construction but as far as i knew...the project is doing great and good to the municipality.

  4. "the rumor is not true"
    Oh, c'mon...
    No thief will say that he stole something.

  5. @melgazara

    I don't think your comment is offensive. In fact, I have the same sentiments.

  6. I have observed that offices (with internet connections) in this LGU (local and national) were opened (with lights and aircon on) during week ends and even after five... my question is.. are they doing work overtime? or just exploring at Facebook? on the expense of local budget.. what happen to energy-saving imposed by the Mayor.. hope this will be given due attention by the officials. thank you.

  7. I have referred your comment to the LGU's Human Resource Management Office for appropriate action. All comments here are not necessarily answered but they are taken seriously. Thank you very much. - The Mahinog Trumpet

  8. bilyunes ang funds sa Sabo dam project, pero tan-awa ang hitsura sa mahinog public market..

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