Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shipping operators warned vs. unsafe docking, undocking maneuver


THE Municipal Council of Mahinog is warning shipping companies plying between Benoni and Balingoan ports that action will be taken if they are found to be disregarding safety of life at sea requirements especially in docking and undocking maneuver.

This was the recommendation from the committee on public order and safety chaired by Councilor Erlindo G. Bequilla after conducting a committee investigation following Councilor Kaiser A. Abao's privilege speech calling the attention of the municipal council to a "near miss" incident involving M/V Shuttle Ferry 1 and M/L Hijos recently.

According to reports, Shuttle Ferry 1 and M/L Hijos came very close to colliding when Shuttle Ferry undocked while M/L Hijos was approaching the dock.

During investigation, Bequilla said both vessels were at fault for "failure to exercise safety management system" during the reported near miss incident.

According to the committee report, both vessels simply failed to establish radio contact and sounded its whistle indicating ship's movement intention, among others.

As part of their recommendation, the committee called on the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to exercise their authority against shipping operators who disregard safety of life at sea (solas) requirements.

PPA Terminal Manager Valiente D. Camay said he will immediately conduct a conference among shipping operators to treat this problem

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