Friday, September 24, 2010

Councilors dismayed over shipping company's irregular schedule between Benoni and Balingoan

THE Municipal Council of Mahinog under Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle recently passed a resolution expressing its dismay over Asian Marine Transport's irregular ferry schedule between Benoni and Balingoan.

Councilors observed that ferry schedules between Benoni and Balingoan have become more irregular these days, raising serious concern by the local officials.

According to the resolution, several complaints have been made regarding Asian Marine Transport/Shuttle Ferry's irregular voyage schedules ranging from delay of the original schedules to cancellation of trips due to various reasons like alleged mechanical trouble of the ships, or less number of passengers.

Councilor Jonard B. Labadan

Councilor Jonard B. Labadan, who authored the said resolution, said the shipping company's irregular sailing schedule, without prior notice, is causing great inconvenience to the passengers and could bring negative impact on the island's tourism economy. The resolution was co-authored by Councilor Liberato E. Babanto and unanimously approved by all members of the local legislative body.

The Municipal Council called on all concerned government agencies, like the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) to address this problem and give sanction, if warranted, against errant shipping companies.

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