Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mahinog to declare state of calamity due to rat infestation

Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle, presiding officer of the 18th Municipal Council of Mahinog

THE municipal government of Mahinog is now considering the possibility of declaring a state of calamity to deal with the worsening infestation of rats in several rice farms here.

Through a resolution passed by the municipal council last Monday, local officials are urgently asking the municipal agriculture office to assess the extent of the damage wrought by the infestation in the municipality’s rice areas and come up needs analysis to allow the local government to properly address the problem.

“State of Calamity” is a condition involving mass casualty and/or major damages to property, disruption of means of livelihoods, roads and normal way of life of people in the affected areas as a result of the occurrence of natural or human-induced hazard.

In same resolution the municipal council is also asking the Regional Office of the Department of Agriculture to immediately address the problem and to possibly provide for the procurement of rat baits or rodenticides to control rat infestation in the municipality which ravaged Mahinog rice farms putting in peril the people's food security.

The resolution was authored by Councilor Liberato E. Babanto, chairman committee on agriculture and unanimously approved by all councilors.

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  1. huh this was a problem even then i was in high school. i remember our school had to cancel classes for a day so that all the students can help killing rats.students were not trained as to how to kill rats so we just arm ourselves with sticks to smack them rats. but out of 50 students only 5 people killed maybe 10 rats the most if my memory is accurate..so i dont think sending students to the farm will significantly help..rats are vicious and smart creatures they know well how to avoid people. so its time to bring out those knowledgeable people who knows how rats behave/how they multiply/how they breed/where they breed;im thinking about the farmers. so its reasonable to include them in "meetings" and planning to eradicate this problem.im sure they though of this..and rodenticides will kill rats and also human if they are mishandled..so xtra care is needed they dont contaminate our rice as well.thank u.


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