Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LGU Mahinog holds essay writing contest

Mercy B. Jajalla

The Local Government of Mahinog is sponsoring an essay writing contest to help promote the town’s tourism industry, Municipal Tourism Officer Mercy B. Jajalla announced today.

The essay must depict the three tourist destinations of Mahinog: 1) Mantigue Island; 2) Taguines (Benoni) Lagoon; 3) Queobe Katunggan Mangrove Area.

More contest details below:

1. Open to all Mahinognons even those who are no longer residing in the municipality but have Mahinog roots (parents or grandparents are from Mahinog).

2. Essay Theme: The essay should depict the three tourism destinations of Mahinog, namely: Mantigue Island, Taguines (Benoni) Lagoon & Queobe, San Miguel Katunggan Mangrove Area.

There should be one essay entry for each destination.

3. Format Criteria

a. Number of words: min – 400, max – 600 words

b. Paper size: printed on 8.5 x 11 bond paper

c. Double spaced with 1” margins on each side

d. Must be typewritten/printed from computer
e. Font: Times New Roman, Size 12

4. Contest Period: July 1, 2011 – Mahinog 63rd Charter Day Celebration to August 15, 2011

5. Entry Rules

a. Each contestant may submit three (3) essay entries; one entry for each tourism destination

b. Entries may be submitted to: Mrs. Mercy B. Jajalla – Municipal Civil Registrar/Municipal Tourism Officer, Mahinog, Camiguin. Tel No. (088) 3873017, 3873031, 09276280598 or via email at

6. Deadline of Submission of Entries: August 15, 2011 via postal mail, delivery or email.

7. Prizes: 1st Place – P1,000.00 per theme. There will declared three (3) first place winners.


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