Monday, July 25, 2011

Mahinog to ink agreement with all towns in Camiguin for construction of sanitary landfills

A CLUSTERED sanitary landfill to be operated by the Provincial Government of Camiguin for the five towns in the province will soon be established in barangay Benhaan in the municipality of Mambajao, reports said.

As this developed, the Municipal Council today gives its authority to Mayor Alex R. Jajalla to sign a memorandum of agreement among the provincial government of Camiguin and other four towns in the province for the construction of a common sanitary landfill.

Republic Act (RA) 9003, or the Ecological Solid Waste Management law, requires all local government units to shut down their open dumpsites and establish a sanitary landfill.

The landfill will replace the traditional open dumpsite which is environmentally hazardous. The law requires that solid waste must be segregated before these are brought to the sanitary landfill.

The municipality of Mahinog is still using open dumpsite which is the subject of several closure orders by the DENR.

Mayor Alex Jajalla admits continued operation of dumpsite poses danger to public health and environmental hazards in host communities.

The mayor also says closure of the existing open dumpsite and the adoption of sanitary landfill is an urgent priority for this local government as part of its solid waste management plan.

“This is part of our consistent campaign to protect the environment,” he added.

In Mahinog, its open dumpsite is located in sitio upper Kinabkaban in barangay San Roque.

Officials said establishment of sanitary landfills is expensive and maintenance may not be affordable for low class LGU like the Municipality of Mahinog.

Hence, the provincial government’s move to construct a cluster landfill that will serve the five towns including Mahinog was highly welcomed by the municipality, since this will finally solve the town’s problem of finding a final disposal site for solid wastes.

Once realized garbage collection and disposal processes are made easy and financial requirement can become less burdensome for each municipality, local officials said.


  1. Gov.JJ said in his message last July 1, that it is now a good start for every household to segregate their trash, (malata/di malata).did the SB or the LGU have plans for the realization of it? i suggest there should be an information drive or an ordinance requiring every household to have 3 trashbins, we all know majority of the mahinognons still need to be told several times before they will do what should be done. i hope this will be given attention, thank you!

  2. The Municipality of Ipil in the Province of Zamboanga Sibugay has a waste segregation scheme that I had a good impression at.

    Their town has two garbage trucks in which one truck has only to collect wastes segregated as "MALATA" while the other truck has to collect wastes labeled as "DI-MALATA".

    Considering the "hard-headedness" of people at the start of the implementation of their M.O., the said municipality really put an "iron fist" on that advocacy by not collecting garbage and other wastes from households, business firms, and even from government agencies if their wastes are not segregated properly. Thus, the trucks only have to pass-by those homes and buildings with "Unsegregated wastes".

    Therefore, as early as the first week of the Ordinance's implementation, the people in the said town had been disciplined to segregate their wastes - Malata and Di-Malata - and that when those garbage trucks pass-by homes and establishments, two sacks of segragated wastes should have been waiting for them.

    Anyway, that may be their way of implementing an ordinance in that town, however, what I'm driving at is that together with the determination of a town gearing for a "Proper Waste Management" townsfolk should also cooperate... If cooperation is hard to solicit from them, then an "iron fist" might be an effective collector of those "solicitations."

  3. @ herald: that would be great if applied here in our town too..after all it's only a matter of self discipline for mahinognons, segregating our trash isn't a big task. not a burden for sure! we'll not wait for penalties before doing what is ought to be done..act now and have the reward sooner, be of help to our town and not a burden...segregate segregate segregate!


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