Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mahinog alderman named model municipal councilor by press media group

EXEMPLARY PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD. Councilor Liberato E. Babanto, member of the Municipal Council of Mahinog in the province of Camiguin shows the plaque he received in recognition of being chosen as Model Municipal Councilor and Foremost Advocate of Good Government of the Philippines given by Press Media Affair Center Sept. 17, 2011 at Manila Hotel.


  1. Congratulations Hon. Liberato Babanto! More Power!

  2. As we matured in our ages, the younger people expect a lot more better views,ideas,
    suggestions,opinions,solutions and principles,in life especially, our stands involving issues in and out of our town.
    Though in the beginning as we grow, we always look up to, our older brothers, friends and to the elderly's in our neighborhood and especially to our families. Still the bottom line is measured,on how we were taught by our Cultural habits and characteristics as Camiguinian.
    A character of a paisano, that even when they travels and stayed in a foreign place,the love and respect to the older guys are still alive in their hearts. Though they witnessed, how people in some places ignores and disrespect their parents and their elderly's, still a Mahinognons, remained to be consistent of what they'd learned from there older parents and friends in their communities.
    My friends and paisano's as the Advocate of Good Governance give their award to our honorable councilor, let me remind all, the
    councilor is not just model councilman but rather,he is also a model matured citizen of Mahinog that soon to be looked up to, by our young people of today as a good example.
    From my end, my great respect and my noble salute to our beloved Councilor Liberato E. Babanto.


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