Monday, September 5, 2011

Municipal Council of Mahinog adopts its own official seal

THE Municipal Council of Mahinog today approved its own official seal that carries the local legislative body’s mission and objective as an institution.

In an ordinance authored by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle, the seal represents the authority of the Sangguniang Bayan as the law making body of the municipality and is used to authenticate its own official documents.

The official seal of the Municipal Council (Sangguniang Bayan) of Mahinog and its meaning:

The perimeter of the seal contains the words "SANGGUNIANG BAYAN" and "MAHINOG, CAMIGUIN”. The YELLOW in the background symbolizes Sunshine.

THE THIRTEEN (13) STARS represent the thirteen barangays that constitute the demographic profile of the municipality of Mahinog.

THE SUN stands for a brighter day and our burning desire to build a better town for the present and for future generations.

THE GAVEL depicts the proper order and decorum in the session hall and the authority of the Sangguniang Bayan as the law making body of the municipality.

THE MEN, THE ROSTRUM, AND THE MICROPHONE stand as a symbol of open discussion and free communication of ideas towards building a better Mahinog. The gesture of raised hands stands for “Victory” in line with the Council’s motto “Talk less, act more”. It also stands for unity of purpose in which we agree to remain united despite our differences of opinion.

THE BOOK is a symbol where ordinances and resolutions passed by the Municipal Council are written to promote the welfare of its inhabitants. It is this body of written law upon which the rule of law, not the rule of men, rests.

1948 is the year the municipality of Mahinog was founded and the first municipal council was convened on July 1, 1948.


  1. ¡ Enhorabuena! Sangguniang bayan de mahinog! trabajo bien hecho! pulgares arriba!

  2. Perfect! Congratulations!


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