Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mahinog lauds local police for outstanding achievements

Mahinog Police Station 
THE Municipal Council of Mahinog recently commended the municipal police station for their unrelenting efforts in making sure that the municipality is a very safe place to live.

The award was given to members of the Mahinog Police Station after the flag raising ceremony on Monday. 

Authored by Hon. Erlindo G. Bequilla, chairman of the committee on peace and order, fire and public safety, the resolution was signed by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle and approved by Mayor Alex R. Jajalla.

Police Inspector Lemuel S. Sabanal
“Through the relentless efforts of the Mahinog Police Station under Police Inspector Lemuel S. Sabanal, Chief of Police, the peace and order situation of the whole municipality remains undisturbed, peaceful, safe to live and do business,” the resolution states.

The MPS has been active in their police community relations activities which include earthquake drill, random check points, law enforcement enhancement seminars, barangay peace action team trainings, symposium regarding child related laws, illegal drugs and illegal gambling, including tree planting activities, and feeding program.

Through heightened police visibility, a handful of crime incidents were only recorded.

“Maximum police visibility was observed through the beat patrol system which aims to deter criminality within the municipality,” the resolution states.

“Crime incidents were constrained at the lowest level due to the crime prevention efforts undertaken by the said police station with the participation of the local government unit, other government agencies and the community in the campaign against criminality,” the resolution notes.

“The accomplishment of Mahinog Police Station under Police Inspector Lemuel S. Sabanal is another proof that the police is doing their best to ensure the safety and protection of the residents,” the resolution states.

“This recognition of the exemplary performance of Mahinog Police Station under Police Inspector Lemuel S. Sabanal, Chief of Police will surely uplift the morale of the personnel of the said police station,” the members of the municipal council said.

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