Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mahinog National High School II to open on June 2013

by Mr. Victoriano J. Capagngan, Jr.

LOOKING at the welfare and benefits of the high school aged children/youth of Poblacion, and its nearby environs, both in low and high lands of Mahinog, a dreamed school of the known “compassionate” Congressman of the Lone District of Camiguin, Hon. Pedro “Loloy” Palarca Romualdo has now come to reality. It is because the said new school will be officially opened this coming June 2013.

This is an extension of the main Mahinog National High School which is known and located at barangay Hubangon, Mahinog, Camiguin. The idea of putting up a school in the heart of this municipality was born due to a certain difficult situation felt by the young students upon reaching school because of the distance which is basically far from home. This scenario was boldly noticed and could not be ignored by a “man” with an ample concern to the lives of the “poor” constituents of the town. He is a man who truly envisioned and enacted the concrete spirit of genuine love and support to the low income parents who cannot afford to send their children to private schools. This is a man whose actions are quite admirable and worth commending.

The Schools Division Superintendent of Dep Ed. Camiguin Roy Angelo E. Gazo, PhD. CESO VI, said in one of the ManCom that the newly approved law mandating the Department of Education to operate Mahinog National High School II this coming June will welcome all Grade-7 enrolees and will be holding its classes temporarily at the Municipal Gymnasium, since school building has not yet made available. To manage this school is Mrs. Verlyn T. GeƱoso, a newly hired Principal I, who is presently teaching at Sagay National High School and resided in Sagay, Camiguin Province.

Tending this fact, Mahinog LGU has been facing the challenge on how to help Dep. Ed Mahinog in looking for the school site.

On the other hand, some of the town dwellers who happened to establish loyalty to the originally founded private school of Mahinog felt something uneasy and different due to the operation of the new high school, called Mahinog National High School II. However, the Congressman, Pedro “Loloy” Palarca Romualdo in all of his public speeches during fiestas and other big events held throughout the island of Camiguin courageously announced to those who were present that nothing to worry in it. He had made everything clear that there would be no competition of schools to occur in this case. Parents will be given options to where and what school they send their children, would it be in private or public, that does not matter. What matters for him is that, poor children now have the chance to go to high school for free.

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