Friday, November 27, 2009

Municipal employees conduct tree planting every Friday in Queobe eco park

ABOUT 100 employees and officials from the municipal government will participate on Friday a massive tree planting and beautification drive in Queobe Eco Park in barangay San Miguel this town.

This activity will be done every Friday afternoon by virtue of Executive Order No. 19 issued by Mayor Alex R. Jajalla aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of trees for economic and environmental sustainability.

The tree planting activity is part of the Lex’s Clean Mahinog program of the Municipal Government to rehabilitate and develop the Queobe Eco Park covering 10 hectares of government property.

Queobe Eco Park is a tourist, educational and training complex managed by the newly created Municipal Business Development Office of the municipal government. It is underneath a man-made forest of varied trees and overlooking the Benoni port and lagoon. (Mahinog IO)

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