Friday, November 27, 2009

Recall of SFO4 Heracleo Abian to Mahinog BFP sought

The Municipal Council presided by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle on Monday passed a resolution to request the Provincial Fire Marshal to return SFO4 Heracleo T. Abian back to Mahinog Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) station.

Councilor Rey Lawrence K. Tan who authored the resolution said it is for the best interest of the town to have a fire chief who hails from the town.

Before his assignment to the province, the former fire chief served with considerable distinction as the Municipal Fire Marshall in the municipality of Mahinog.

“During his watch in Mahinog, SF04 Abian had established a very good working rapport with the municipal officials and many of the local population in promoting the BFP’s mission to ensure public safety through the prevention of and suppression of all kinds of destructive fires,” the resolution reads in part.

“He had proven his efficiency in the field of public service not only during fire but also in times of typhoons, floods, earthquakes, vehicular accidents, and various other calamities in both his official and personal capacity,” said the councilors in the resolution.

“His return to his former station in Mahinog has a very considerable advantage on the part of the BFP of being able to act with dispatch and respond appropriately to special situations because he is a native and resident of Mahinog,” it added.

The resolution was transmitted to Fire/Sinsp Manuel Y. Uayan, Provincial Fire Marshal of Camiguin and a copy was also furnished to Fire/Ssupt Eleuterio N. Iturriaga, Regional Director, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Region X. (Mahinog IO)

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