Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Benoni ES now gets access to clean water

by Lucita B. King

Mahinog Camiguin (Feb 23, 2010) - After long years without water, Benoni Elementary School now has access to clean water.

Before I assumed office as head teacher in Benoni ES the school had been without water. I then presented the problem to the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) who discussed and found ways to solve the problem by holding a fund raising campaign.

This waterworks project was worth a total of Php 20,000 out from the proceeds of King and Queen candidates during the nutrition month celebration.

The water supply project has brought a big sigh of relief to the teachers.

Looking back, before, pupils were exposed to danger because they had to cross the highway to fetch water from the village’s natural spring several meters away.

We are happy with this development and we should thank the PTA who helped find means in solving the problem.

This project is the essence of the school based management program, a strategy to engage community helped address school problems and concerns.

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