Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear readers

I will be temporarily unavailable in a couple of weeks due to work loads. But as we want to keep Mahinog Trumpet forum going, I appreciate your time to continue sharing your thoughts and help our local leaders to continue making our town Mahinog a more beautiful and progressive place. You can either leave your views and comments below or if you have articles you wish to be published on this blog feel free to email me at

Pls. keep your comments civil and on point.

Mahinog our town, pride, we care.

Thank you.

Homer R. Jajalla

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  1. hello. i have received an email from Melga Masayon Arceo which i would like to share. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. She wrote:

    "i read ur latest;blog. im thinking maybe we can solicit a broader topic that touches various aspect like good eats at camiguin. where to go if u want fresh seafood? catch ur own fish and have it cooked at lagoon fishpen. or maybe an idea like having tourist row a "baroto" at lagoon i think they'll enjoy it. or maybe feature a local fisherman's bountiful catch. or maybe an essay about philippine volcanology to let people know that it's safe to be in camiguin thru monitoring volcanic activity and sending warning if any occurs and if there are any evacuation plans. or maybe posting pictures of children playing or anything that make people aware how is it like growing up in camiguin...ill send u more ideas as they come hehe...take care and more power"


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