Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quezon Street is no entry for vehicles coming from Benoni

NO ENTRY. Vehicle coming from Benoni like this motorela as shown in this picture is prohibited from going straight towards Quezon Street across a blind curve

THE Municipal Council of Mahinog presided by Vice Mayor Rogerio C. Acle on Monday approved an ordinance to declare Pres. Manuel Quezon Street as no entry street for vehicles coming from Benoni and to install a no-entry sign in the area.

Councilor Erlindo G. Bequilla, who is the principal author of Municipal Ordinance No. 2010-028, said this road section along St. Michael's Church is considered accident-prone area because it is located right across the intersection and blind curves.

"We will pass this measure now rather than waiting for accidents to happen," Bequilla said in sponsoring the measure at the plenary session.

Under the ordinance, no vehicle coming from Benoni side shall enter Quezon Street except emergency vehicles like the police, ambulance and fire in emergency situation.

Also exempt from the ordinance are vehicles coming from Mambajao side and from upper section.

The ordinance was endorsed by the transport groups and several other local organizations who said the decision is a welcome move towards promoting road safety in the municipality.

During the committee meeting conducted by the Committee on Transportation chaired by Councilor Rey Lawrence K. Tan, the committee also recommended to prohibit loading and unloading at the road section immediately before and after the curve.

The committee observed that loading and unloading at the blind curve next or across to the entrance of Columbia St. Michael's Parish High School (CSMPHS) is dangerous, considering the distance between the curve and the school gate is too close.

Motorela and public utility vehicles from Benoni may unload at the right shoulder in front of Mahinog Central School immediately before the school gate. Students and pedestrians are advised to practice safe crossing habits before entering/crossing the street.

Present during the said committee hearing were Lybbie R. Balasabas, President, Habal-habal Riders Association; Efren R. Absuelo, Camiguin Van Operators; Narciso L. Abian, President, Sr. Citizens Association; Gene R. Ranalan, Mahinog Motorela Operators and Drivers Association; Rosario M. Vinan, Principal, Mahinog Central School; Romulo Y. Saliguma, Sanitary Pulis (SaPul) Chief Operating Officer; Arlino C. Arca, President, Market Vendors Association; Anita C. Estrobo, President, Mahinog Central School PTA; Engr. Rico L. Ranara, Municipal Engineer; Sr. Maria Corazon S. Basadre, Principal, CSMPHS.

The Ordinance was co-authored by Councilors Rey Lawrence K. Tan, Merlito G. Abao and Valentin F. Babanto.

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  1. good this ordinance has been passed because sometime in may 2009 we almost had an accident in that place! good job for the authors


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