Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mahinog SaPul nabs 23 violators in August

THE Mahinog Sanitary Pulis (SaPul) has apprehended a total of 23 persons for violation of Lex's Clean Mahinog related ordinance in August, this year.

Romulo Saligumba, SaPul Chief Operating Officer, disclosed in his monthly accomplishment report to Municipal Mayor Alex R. Jajalla that SaPul apprehended a total of 23 violators for various violations of municipal ordinance as follows: 5 illegal parking; 1 unloading at non designated area; 1 overnight parking; 6 smoking in public places; 2 selling copra without permit; 5 peddling at non designated area; 3 peddling fish without sanitary permit.

Under Municipal Ordinance No. 2007-094, law enforcers shall, on apprehending violator, issue a citation ticket in duplicate, the original copy of which to the offender, the duplicate to the municipal treasurer.

The offender shall settle the fine within 72 hours from receipt of the citation ticket to the municipal treasurer, otherwise the case shall be forwarded to the Provincial Prosecutor for filing of the necessary charges in court.

Fines for the said violations are as follows: P100.00 for the first offense; P150.00 for the second offense; 200.00 for the third and succeeding offenses; or revocation of license to operate in case a violator is a business establishment, or imprisonment of not less than ten (10) days nor more than thirty (30) days, or both such fine, revocation, and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

If a violator is a corporation, firm or other entity, the penalty shall be imposed upon the president, manager, director or person responsible for its operations. If in case the violator is unable to pay his pecuniary liability, he/she shall be made to render community service for the period of one (1) day for each offense committed.

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  1. may i know who are these SaPul pls. i have browsed d picture posted yet I cant recognize them, and who is that woman SaPul? Anyway, Good job people! CongratulationS! You did it well!


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