Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Campaign vs rabies gets boost in Benoni elementary school

by Lucita B. King
Head Teacher, Benoni Elementary School

THE anti rabies drive of the municipal government of Mahinog has received its needed boost from public school with having anti rabies program to be part of our teaching curriculum.

Rabies awareness campaign will be a school-year round campaign in Benoni elementary school through making it part of our teaching/health curriculum.

Recognizing that rabies remains a serious public health problem in the country, public schools play important role to build rabies awareness among school children by teaching them how to prevent and control rabies.

We all know that children are vulnerable to dog bites. They often play with animals and are less likely to report such bites or scratches to their parents.

According to the Department of Health, rabies is an infectious disease that destroy the nerve cells of part of the brain and this can cause death. Towards this concern, the municipality of Mahinog is implementing an ordinance to control and eliminate rabies.

Under the municipality's rabies prevention and control program, the Department of Education was tasked to strengthen rabies education program through school health/teaching curriculum. This will integrate proper information and education on responsible dog ownership in the relevant subjects in the elementary and high school levels.

The province is also continuously implementing the program including massive anti rabies vaccination and encouraging resident to bring their dogs to the municipal agriculture office for proper registration and vaccination.

And to complement dog vaccination, health personnel is also conducting massive free vaccination of children around the province to provide them protection against rabies.
In the municipality of Mahinog, there are four pilot elementary schools where school children have received free rabies prophylaxis. Rabies prophylaxis is administered in three doses, day 0, day 7 and day 21/28.

The four pilot schools include Benoni Elementary School, Mahinog Central School, Puntod Elementary School and Hubangon Elementary.

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