Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Shuttle Ferry explains side on irregular ferry schedule issue

MAHINOG, Camiguin - In a letter sent to the Municipal Council of Mahinog, Asian Marine Transport Corporation (AMTC) strongly apologized for any inconvenience that may have caused by the shipping company’s disruption of ferry schedule over the past few months.

Early last September, the Municipal Council of Mahinog passed a resolution expressing its dismay over AMTC’s irregular ferry schedule between Benoni and Balingoan.

AMTC is the operator for Super Shuttle Ferry vessels that serve Benoni-Balingoan route.

Juanito S. Achumbre, AMTC operations manager, said the disruption was due to
dry dock repairs and main engine overhaul of two of its vessels, MV Super Shuttle Ferry 9 and 6.

He said it has been their company policy that they follow maintenance schedule to maintain in seaworthy condition their vessels at all times.

“Rest assured we are doing our best to serve our fellow Camiguingnons and our visitors in the most convenient, efficient, and safe sea travel to and from Camiguin,” Achumbre wrote.

He added Super Shuttle Ferry has been consistently serving the entire Province of Camiguin for all its sea transport needs. He said their company has been the “most consistent among the shipping companies operating in the said route.”

In addition, he said their company has always tried its best to improve its services and facilities for Camiguin with its
new fast craft that will serve Benoni-Balingoan route in 30 minutes.


  1. So what if AMTC is doing dru dock repairs???To the AMTC management: A promise is always just a promise unless you will have time frame to whatever you're doing in your vessels. Doing maintenance to your sea transport unit is not an excuse to compromise and disrupt ferry schedule! The local government of Mahinog should put pressure to AMTC finding the right alternative or aligning the trip schedule to avoid inconvinience to commuters especially the tourists of the island! -dong.ardz

  2. it was horrible to take a trip especially the shuttle ferry! had a bad experience last summer 2010.we took the first trip schedule for an urgent appointment and one of our family members need to do fasting post midnight.we were expecting to arrive cdo at 7am,considering that we have our own car.But IMAGINE!what time we arrived in Balingoan port ,was past 6am!!! so i made a complaint to the vessel crew & i called their complain phone number.and it found out that the "pala-pala" isn't working..what a hell, they were doing!!! so i contacted one of coast guards office region 10, and the next due trip of that vessel was cancelled..


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