Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Port authorities urged to restore Benoni lighthouse

Benoni Lighthouse

IN A RESOLUTION filed by Councilor Erlindo G. Bequilla, the Municipal Council here asked the Philippine Coast Guard in Northern Mindanao to restore at once the Benoni lighthouse to its original condition.

The Benoni Port Lighthouse which stands at Punta San Roque in the municipality of Mahinog was constructed in late 1980’s to guide fishermen and seafarers during night time and during stormy weather situations, among others.

Bequilla said it has been a long time since the said lighthouse stopped being functional.

He said Benoni Port was not only a major port in the province of Camiguin but also served a safe harbor for ships during stormy weather.

In addition, the council also asked the Philippine Ports Authority to restore the two channel buoys located along the Benoni channel back to its original condition.

The two lighted buoys which were installed to guide vessels entering or leaving Benoni port, were also found to be not fully functional.

"These channel markers broke down and did not serve its purpose due to lack of maintenance," Bequilla observed.

He said being an all-weather- port, it is necessary to keep the lighthouse and channel buoys functional at all times to ensure boating safety during nighttime.

Bequilla was a former ship captain before he became a town councilor of Mahinog.

Mahinog town councilor Erlindo G. Bequilla

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