Thursday, June 21, 2012

Senate passes bill creating Mahinog National High School 2 on second reading

Camiguin Congressman Pedro P. Romualdo

THE Senate on June 06, 2012 approved on second reading a bill which would establish a national high school in barangay Poblacion in the municipality of Mahinog.

The approval came after the Senate Commitee on Education, Arts and Culture chaired by Senator Edgardo J. Angara and Committee on Finance chaired by Senator Franklin M. Drilon submitted its joint committee report recommending its "approval without amendment" on the bill.

In his sponsorship speech of House Bill No. 547, Camiguin Congressman Pedro P. Romualdo said the clamor for a national high school in the Poblacion came from parents, community leaders and young students in the past years.

“Many families were not able to send their kids in the past years to pursue high school education due to dwindling and limited family income,” Romualdo said.

“With the establishment of a Mahinog National High School II in barangay Poblacion, it is expected that more students will be given a chance to go back to school,” the solon added.

Romualdo told local officials that he hoped this bill will be approved on third reading during the third regular session of the 15th Congress.

The measure was approved by the Committee on Basic Education during the 14th Congress but was not taken up due to lack of time in the plenary.


  1. good news for us Mahinognons,but i'm saddened by the fact that the would be new national high school would put my alma mater (CSMPHS)in the losing end.With free education offered,more parents would send their chilren to the new school thereby greatly reducing student number of Saint Michael,which if the school would fail to counter or remedy would lead to its closure.So sad,almost 60 yrs of existence,providing christian values plus excellent and quality education for its graduate!

    1. We just hope and pray that the Alumni of CSMPHS will still remain faithful to their PLEDGE of LOYALTY to their Alma Mater - that very same Oath uttered during the Graduation Rites, which was there for more than half a century already.
      Of course, a new high school in Mahinog is indeed a strong point - a good move either to our "Patriarchs" in Camiguin, and we can't blame them for that because all they have in mind is the good of the "greater" not of the "lesser". I think, it would be up to the parents now in the vicinity of Mahinog and to the Alumni of CSMPHS to put always in their minds how CSMPHS had produced them as competent individuals and imbibing in them the ideals of a good Christian... yes indeed, comptetent individuals that CSMPHS produced - such as that of our Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Municipal Engineers and heads of Offices, Teachers and Principals alike - who for more than 50 years CSMPHS shed its tears and joys in producing them.
      However, good luck still to those good people who is brewing up the Annex 2 of Mahinog National High School. On the other hand, Columbians, we better have to stand firm in our ideals, as long as we are not hitting somebody in our way, we move on as COlumbians and gear for another 50 years for our Alma Mater.

  2. Philippine general election is on May 13, 2013...kaya pala. More projects please...not only in Mahinog but to other municipalities as well. I entirely understand why projects are flooding in Mahinog. A good political move though.


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