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Mayor Alex R. Jajalla delivers State Of the Municipality Address (SOMA)

Mahinog Mayor Alex R. Jajalla delivering his SOMA

Full Text of the State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) delivered by Mayor Alex R.Jajalla during the 65th Mahinog Charter Day Celebration on July 1, 2013 at the outdoor stage in front of the municipal hall.

In my inaugural address delivered at the opening of the Regular Session of the 18th Municipal Council of Mahinog commencing my second term on July 5, 2010, I have outlined my priorities dubbed as A.L.E.X. 2 Development Agenda with A – stands for Agriculture and Fishery Development; L – Local Government Excellence, Livelihood and Local Economy; E – Environmental Care and Eco-Tourism; and X – eXpress Delivery of Basic Services for Social, Health and Security of the People. Together with the Sangguniang Bayan of Mahinog, A.L.E.X. 2 Development Agenda was adopted as the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) of the Municipality of Mahinog.

Using the A.L.E.X. 2 Development Agenda as outline, I now render my State of the Municipality Address to update you on what transpired during my second term and to propose programs, projects and policies for the next three (3) years as your graduating Municipal Mayor.

Agriculture and Fishery Development

Agriculture and Fishery Development steered by the Municipal Agriculture Office focus their intervention on livestock production, animal protection, rice and corn production and fishery. For the period CY 2010 to 2013, it recorded an annual average of 258 heads swine insemination with confirmed pregnancy of 190 heads and produced 1,387 offspring. Animals vaccinated for the last three (3) years recorded an annual average of 837 heads anti-rabies for dog, 660 heads anti-hog cholera for swine, and anti-hemorrhagic septicemia for 45 heads of carabao, 102 heads of cattle and 147 heads of goat. As to treatment of different livestock species, around 627 heads were dewormed, 336 heads were castrated while 943 were treated mostly prescribed with drugs and biologics purchased by the clients.

Rice farmers in the municipality were recipient of hybrid and certified seeds producing  an average yield of 3.42 metric tons per hectare. Average yield of corn amounted to 2.5 metric tons/ per hectare with 74.3 metric tons annual production for the 30 hectares area planted.

Backyard tilapia, mussel and seaweeds production were sustained while mangrove reforestation was enhanced from 2 to 5 barangays in CY 2012 by planting around 20,000 seedlings.
LGU Mahinog partnered with nine (9) People’s Organization for the implementation of different livelihood projects under the Community Fund for Agricultural Development (CFAD) of the Mindanao Rural Development Program amounting to 2.5 million pesos. Projects include production of eggs, mussel, sea urchin, organic-based rice, ginger, banana and sweet potato with the participatory process, barangay LGUs and the beneficiary groups provided counterpart for these projects.

Under the Coastal Resource Management Program, we established three (3) new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), namely: Tupsan PequeĊˆo, Catohugan and San Jose-Hubangon, increasing the number of MPAs to seven (7) in the entire municipality. Initial bio-physical assessment of these MPAs shows improve marine bio-diversity that leads to increase fish catch.

Part of enhancing the biodiversity of the MPAs, the municipality fabricated and installed Artificial Coral Reef in four (4) marine protected areas funded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources amounting to PhP 300,000.00.

Protection of Municipal Waters was sustained by seaborne patrolling and surveillance through the operations of Coastal Law Enforcement Action Network (CLEAN).

Professionalizing the boat services in ferrying tourists to Mantigue Island from barangay San Roque and vice versa is on top of our priority with the Mantigue Island Motorboat Association (MAMSA) as service provider. Together with their Assistant Boatmen and the Eco-Paddlers and Tour Guides of Taguines Lagoon Aqua-Sports and Recreational Facility, we capacitate them with skills on tour guiding, frontline service and customer’s handling for clients satisfaction. For CY 2012, MAMSA recorded 3,432 trips servicing 15,581 passengers with an increase of 21.92% and 15.56% increase over CY 2011 figures.

Thanks to the personnel of Municipal Agriculture Office and the Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project for these initiative.

Local Government Excellence, Livelihood and Local Economy

To excel on good governance, the municipality strictly adheres to the Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, and Bids and Public Offerings by posting these documents in publicly accessible places and in the web-based view called portal.

Parallel to our adherence to the Full Disclosure Policy, we strengthened transparency, sound internal control and credibility to all financial transactions through examination and review of receipts and disbursements, internal audit function, recording completeness and availability of accounting information when needed. In addition, Citizen’s Charter is in full effect as well as the conduct of periodic monitoring of Anti-Red Tape Law.  

The able officials and regular employees of the local government were compensated with the full implementation of the Four Tranches Monthly Salary Standardization of Local Personnel with the last tranche implemented this year. Same goes with the municipality’s job-order workers receiving escalated compensation now receiving a daily wage of 270.00 pesos.

Preparation of Annual Budget is within the budgeting calendar from the preparation, authorization, execution and accountability phases of the budget and duly approved by the Local Sanggunian and declared operational by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

Recognition goes to the offices of Municipal Local Government Operation, Municipal Accountant, Municipal Budget Office, Human Resource & Management and Planning & Development.

Let me share with you the comparative statistics on the Revenue Generation Performance when I assumed office in 2007 during my first term up to CY 2012 level. Real Property Tax collection in CY 2007 amounted to PhP 931,330.98 while in CY 2012 amounted to PhP 1,661,597.08 or up by 178%. Business Taxes in CY 2007 is PhP 625,943.74 while in CY 2012 amounted to PhP 1,190,915.62 or 190%. Collection of Fees and Charges, from CY 2007 amounting to PhP 1,520,509.83 decreased to PhP 1,118,417.64 in CY 2012 when LGU Mahinog turned over the operation of Benoni Port to the Philippine Ports Authority.

Innovative enough, we overcame it through establishment of tourism projects and recorded a whooping increase of income from PhP 193,334.87 in CY 2007 to PhP 1,965,788.32 in CY 2012 or 10 times in six year period.   

Increase of collection was made possible with the updating of the revenue code, general revision of real properties and expansion of operation of economic enterprise mainly the tourism projects. 

My gratitude to the men and women of the Treasury and Assessors offices.

Infrastructure pursued comprises of the completion of 1.7 million peso Restaurant at Queobe Eco Park and Construction of Drainage Canal in Quezon Street amounting to PhP 315,000.00.

We started filling up the proposed Public Transpo Terminal in barangay Benoni and the Jump off Point to Mantigue Island in barangay San Roque. Almost all municipal roads are concreted with funds courtesy of the late Congressman PPR and Gov JJ.

Thank you so much for your unending support although we will always need your backing especially of Congressman XJ.

Senators Migs Zubiri and Chiz Escudero shared their PDAF for the Improvement of Mahinog National High School Building and Improvement/Rehabilitation of Mahinog Public Market and Comfort Room shelling out PhP 500,000.00 each.

Thank you so much gentlemen senators and the Municipal Engineering Office who manned the implementation of these infra projects.

Environmental Care and Eco-Tourism

The municipality together with the barangays, different organizations, volunteers and students regularly conducts coastal clean-up and tree planting particularly in Mantigue Island and mangrove areas in Queobe, San Miguel and San Roque. Species planted include bakhaw propagules, betaug and coco dwarf in Mantigue Island.

As part of our efforts to protect the environment, vital component on environment sector, disaster risk reduction and climate change were embraced in the updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Mahinog leads the other municipalities in the province in updating the CLUP being adopted by the Sangguniang Bayan of Mahinog last February 15, 2013 and endorsed to the Provincial Land Use Committee (PLUC) for review and then for approval by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camiguin.

As concrete example to take care of our environment, we facilitated the relocation of our friends living in Mantigue Island and Queobe mangrove area. Thank you so much for the families who understand. Our action was vindicated when the honourable magistrate of Mahinog MCTC ruled last December 7, 2012 in favour to LGU Mahinog against those who refuse to leave Mantigue Island.

To lessen IRA dependency, Mahinog Business Development Office (MBDO) was commissioned as economic enterprise of LGU Mahinog operating the municipality’s tourism projects. MBDO banks its operation to generate income from Mantigue Island Nature Park (MINAP) and Queobe Eco Park and Training Center. MBDOs total revenue for CY 2012 amounted to PhP 2,072,545.00 with MINAP generating PhP 1,603,272.00 or 77.36% mostly coming from store operation, environmental fees, and rentals of facilities and gadgets such as glass boat, snorkel, picnic shed, among others. Of the amount Queobe Eco Park contributed PhP 469,273.00 or 22.64% whose income derived from restaurant and training center operation, catering and agricultural products.

MBDO employed 18 individuals for MINAP and 13 persons for Queobe bringing a total of 31 individuals employed aside from hiring personnel on-call during holidays and peak season. As to number of visitors in Mantigue Island, 19,700 visited the place with local tourists account to 17,166 or 87.14% and the remaining 2,534 individuals or 12.86% are foreign tourists. The 19,700 arrivals is 114% higher compared to 17,263 arrivals in CY 2011.  

This year will be a banner year for MBDO with the figures seems to be favourable in the first 5 months of operation. Queobe Eco Park leads with income amounting to PhP 490,386.00 compared to CY 2012 income of PhP 469,273.00 or 104% above the target while MINAP accomplished 65% with PhP 1,040,102.00 income compared to CY 2012 income of PhP 1,603,272.00. So far MBDOs accomplishment is pegged at 74% with a total income of PhP 1,530,488.00 compared to last year’s PhP 2,072,545.00 to think that figures considered covers only five months, January to May 2013.

Just this summer, MBDO's newest baby, the Taguines Lagoon Aqua Sports Facility opens and will have its share of contribution to the revenue generation efforts of Mahinog LGU. For the period March to May operation, total income derived amounted to PhP 55,888.00 with our fisher folks from Benoni taking a pie which is the main aim of the project providing them alternative livelihood.  

Kudos for the job well done by Team MBDO. Thank you CCRMP & New Zealand Government.

eXpress Delivery of Basic Services for Social, Health and Security of the People

Social service providers focus their efforts in implementing the 4Ps program with 784 beneficiaries with amount involving 2 million pesos and 56 families benefited from the AICS and Death Aid financial assistance. 112 elderly benefitted from the Social Pension Program amounting to PhP 672,000.00 aside from provision of 157 OSCA and 112 PWD identification cards. Our children were not left behind being recipient of supplemental feeding aside from sustaining the operation of the 14 Day Care Centers.   

The Municipal Health Office attained zero mortality rates on infant and maternal, 100% cure rate on national tuberculosis program, 100% Vitamin A supplementation and deworming under the Garantisadong Pambata Program.

To house our medical workers and better facility to render medical services, the 3 million pesos Lying-In Facility funded under the Health Facility Enhancement Program of DOH, will be turned over anytime next month ready to cater Maternal Care Package for Philhealth members.

Expected to be delivered in the coming weeks is a new ambulance facilitated/funded by the Provincial Government and Department of Health. Thank you Gov JJ.

For our youth, an education package now known as Local Education Assistance Program or LEAP assisted 491 individuals since 2008 with 407 considered non-graduates and 84 youths graduated. During summer period, jobs were offered under the SPES program and Extended Government Internship Program (E-GIP).

Thank you social sector group – workforces of MSWDO, MHO, SB Committee on Education and my staff from Mayor’s Office.

The vanguard on security, the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection, are hands on in securing the constituents in times of emergency. In fact they extended their services during the flash flood in barangay San Roque caused by Habagat on July 26, 2012 with their personnel together with volunteers of Mahinog Response 143/MDRRMC conducted rescue operation.

Securing our people is must. The municipality refurbish the communication center operated by Mahinog Response 143, acquired one (1) unit dumptruck, and purchased rescue paraphernalia’s to be used during disaster. Construction of MDRRMC Office is on-going.

The successful conduct of People’s Day bringing the services at the doorstep of the people by touring the 13 barangays in Mahinog together with the service providers, the local and national departments, and injecting the Citizen’s Charter, highlighted the caption eXpress Delivery of Services to the people.

My appreciation to PNP Mahinog, BFP Mahinog, Mahinog Response 143, MLGOO and the MDRRMC.

Legislative Services

The Sangguniang Bayan under the leadership of our Vice Mayor, the Honorable Rogerio C . Acle is always cooperative and supportive to the Local Chief Executive in the development and promotion of good governance towards improving living conditions of our people.

From the period 2010 up to present, the Sangguniang Bayan (18th Municipal Council) has enacted thirty one (31) Municipal Ordinances which includes Marine Sanctuary Ordinances, Lex’s Clean Ordinance, An Ordinance Exercising Eminent Domain over the Acquisition of Lot for MNHS 2, Anti-Noise Ordinance, Manpower Skills Registration Ordinance, Business Processing and Licensing (BPLS) Ordinance and Watershed Protection Ordinance, all of which provide intense impact for the betterment of the community.

Aside from their legislative obligations, it is noteworthy to state that the Sangguniang Bayan members gave voluntary financial support to people in need. Their efforts demonstrated a character of goodwill which promotes true public service.

This year is a significant episode for the Sangguniang Bayan as they passed two landmark legislations. These are the ordinance providing for an Ecological Solid Waste Management Program of the Municipality of Mahinog that will ensure the protection of public health and environment of our Municipality and the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the Municipality of Mahinog that will guide, control and regulate future growth and development of the Municipality.

In addition, the 18th Municipal Council has approved and passed three hundred ninety three (393) functional resolutions that are necessary in the advancement of the well-being and enrichment of the living standard of every family in the municipality.

In the performance of their basic duties, the Sangguniang Bayan completed One Hundred Twenty One (121) Regular Sessions and conducted Fifty Seven (57) Committee Meetings and three (3) Special Sessions for scrutinizing significant issues in the municipality.

As benchmark of the exemplified quality of services and hard work we rendered to all Mahinognons, we have received the following awards: 

Seal of Good Housekeeping for CY 2011 looking forward for the same award this year, the SGH for CY 2012;

For the legislative body, 2010 Most Outstanding Sangguniang Bayan in Region X for 4th to 6th Class Municipalities (Local Legislative Award) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine Councilors League (PCL);

First Runner Up 2012 Most Outstanding Sangguniang Bayan in Region X for 4th to 6th Class Municipalities;

Regional Winner and National Nominee – Gawad “Kalasag” Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Humanitarian Assistance 2012 – Best Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council – 4th to 6th Class Municipality;

Top Performer on Real Property Tax and Economic Enterprise for CY 2010 Revenue Generation Program given by Department of Finance Region X;

2012 Most Outstanding Bulawanong Barangay Development Program Municipal Committee;

2012 Best Faith Achiever;

National Awardee for Orally Fit Child (Day Care Category) Benoni Day Care Center given by DOH in February 2012;

 Regional Awardee for Exceptional Accomplishment for Attaining 100% Result in the First Round of the Internal Rapid Coverage Assessment for All Barangays in CY 2011;

Accorded with CRM Certification Levels 1 & 2 by the DENR Region X;

Champion, Provincial Fire Olympics Competition (CYs 2012 & 2013) during BFP Day Celebration.

This representation is recipient of the following awards:

Exemplary Public Service Award as Most Outstanding Municipal Mayor and Advocate of Good Government and Exemplary Public Servant of the Philippines CYs 2011 and 2012 given by the Press Media Affair Center;

Regional Awardee for Police Community Relation CY 2012 given by Philippine National Police Region X;

Regional Awardee for Active Support and Cooperation to the BFP (CYs 2011 & 2012) given by the Bureau of Fire Protection Region X.

Manifesting our beauty, skills and creativity, not only in public services that LGU Mahinog excelled considering the following achievements as facilitated by the Municipal Tourism prime movers:

Miss Buahanan 2011 – Ms. Charmaine R. Soldevilla

Champion – Tableau Competition Lanzones Festival (4-time winner CYs 2009 to 2012)

Champion – Street Dancing Competition Lanzones Festival (2-time winner CYs 2011 & 2012

Champion – Music Showdown Lanzones Festival (2-time winner CYs 2011 & 2012)

Champion – Diwata Showdown (CY 2011)

Champion – Battle of the Heads (CY 2012)

Champion – Battle of Singing Champions (CY 2012) Ms. Jonita Sanchez

Champion – Singing Ambassador (CY 2012) Mr. Alejandro Rayon 

And the long list of awards in cooking, dancing, sports and Inter-Barangay Kalanrakas sa Kabataan in CY 2012.  

Truly, MAHINOG, the home of Champions.

However despite these achievements, we still have a lot of things to do. We want our Lying-In Facility accredited; the MCR Office as Serbilis Outlet using Batch Request Entry System (BREQS); Special Rescue Unit group created; Auction Sale of Unusable Items; the Development of Katunggan Park, Public Transpo Terminal in Benoni and the Jump Off Point to Mantigue Island in San Roque and the enhancement of facilities of existing tourism projects.

For poverty alleviation, on hand are the programs and projects identified under the CYs 2013 and 2014 Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan – Bottoms Up Budgetting.      

These are some of the programs and projects we will pursue in my third and last term to be packaged again under my name, A.L.E.X. 3 Development Agenda.

The continued harmonious efforts and unified action of our team, Gov JJ, Congressman XJ, SB members headed by Vice Mayor Roger and of course all Mahinognons, I am optimistic our effort to meet basic services and delivering tangible results that improve people’s lives and remain deeply committed to advancing Mahinog to new heights and a better place to live is not farfetched.

God Bless Mahinog! Lungsod Ko, Garbo Ko, Mahal Ko!

Maayong Buntag sa tanan.

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