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Mayor Alex R.Jajalla bares gains, plans for final term

Mayor Alex R. Jajalla delivering his 3rd  inaugural address

July 8, 2013, Mahinog, Camiguin - Mahinog Mayor Alex R. Jajalla rallied Mahinognons to work with his administration with "combined commitment and action" as he bared plans for the municipality in his third and final term in office.

The mayor expressed this in his inaugural address at the inaugural session of the 19th Municipal Council (Sangguniang Bayan) on July 8, 2013 at the SB session hall.

Full text of his Inaugural Speech:

Distinguish members of the 19th Municipal Council of Mahinog headed by the Honorable Vice Mayor Rogerio Cagas Acle, their family members, barangay captains, heads of national and municipal departments and agencies, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

In my two terms as your local chief executive, the cohesive efforts of the executive and legislative departments resulted to seamless execution of programs and projects for the municipality, precisely, the reason why we have livelihood projects for cooperatives and people’s organizations, we have protected our land and seascapes, increase collection of revenues, just compensation to LGU-paid workers, the LEXs Clean Mahinog Program manned by the Sanitary Police (SAPOL), the jobs and revenue generated by our tourism projects: Mantigue Island Nature Park (MINAP) and the Queobe Eco Park and Training Center, the downstream services of tourism prominently MAMSA, the local education assistance program for the youth, social pension program for the elderly and PWDs, and the health care and protective services we rendered to all Mahinognons.

Manifesting that we are trudging the right track, we are recipient of numerous awards as benchmark of exemplified quality of services and hard work we rendered to our constituents such as the Seal of Good Housekeeping; the Most Outstanding Sangguniang Bayan in Region X for 4th to 6th Class Municipalities - Local Legislative Award of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine Councilors League (PCL); and Regional Winner and National Nominee – Gawad “Kalasag” Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Humanitarian Assistance 2012 – Best Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council – 4th to 6th Class Municipality; to name a few.

And who can forget our triumph on skills, creativeness and beauty mostly excelled by our youths: the Miss Buahanan; multiple Champion – Tableau and Street Dancing Competitions during Lanzones Festival; and the long list of awards in singing, dancing, cooking, sports and even the recognition of our barangays in the province-wide Inter-Barangay Kalanrakas sa Kabataan.

Thank you so much Vice Mayor Roger and the Sangguniang Bayan members for your cooperation and support in the development and promotion of good governance towards improving living conditions of our people. I extend further my heartfelt gratitude to the department heads and their staff and the barangay captains for their unequivocal backing to this administration.

Riding on the momentum of successful run of A.L.E.X. acronym, the third edition is now unveiled to be branded again as A.L.E.X. 3 Development Agenda with A – stands for Agriculture and Fishery Development; L – Local Government Excellence, Livelihood and Local Economy; E – Environmental Care and Eco-Tourism; and X – eXpress Delivery of Basic Services for Social, Health and Security of the People.

Let me present to you a glimpse of the thrusts and development direction the A.L.E.X. 3 Development Agenda will undertake for the next three years.

A - Agriculture and Fishery Development

Partnership with cooperatives and people’s organization will be pursued to address food security and unemployment problem as main emphasis of Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan for funding under the Bottoms Up Budgeting with projects include goat and native chicken production, ornamental and organic vegetable production and the provision of access to the agricultural areas through the farm-to-market roads. That is aside from sustaining the intervention on livestock production and animal protection through insemination, animal vaccination and treatment services as well as crop production.

For the Coastal Resource Management Program, we will improve the bio-diversity of the seven (7) Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) through coral reef enhancement and sustained seaborne patrolling and surveillance to increase fish catch. We will exhaust other alternative livelihood for our fisher folks and maximize the potential of Taguines Lagoon as experimental area for new marine species and introduce for production to our fisher folks to ease fishing pressure in our MPAs and municipal waters in entirety.

L - Local Government Excellence, Livelihood and Local Economy

To professionalize the delivery of public services and good governance, Strategic Performance Management System or SPMS will be introduced for the improvement of individual employee efficiency and organizational effectiveness that will result to clients’ satisfaction. This is in addition to strict adherence to the Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, and Bids and Public Offerings.

Efforts in collecting revenues from traditional sources be intensified with the effectivity of the revenue code and widen the base for sources of income by opening new income generating projects so that collection will increase and efficiency rate will soar.

Priority infrastructure projects that the LGU will push are public transpo terminal in barangay Benoni and the jump off point to Mantigue Island in barangay San Roque. It will ease up traffic and congestion in both areas on top of generating revenue for Mahinog.

E - Environmental Care and Eco-Tourism

Initiatives like enforcement of environmental and sanitation laws, coastal clean up and tree planting to upkeep the environment together with our partners, the barangays, NGOs, volunteers and students, will be sustained. Tree planting activity be expanded to the river banks and spring sources to help protect the danger zones and ensure sustainable supply of potable water to Mahinognons.

Full implementation of LEXs Clean Mahinog Program is a must for us to live in a clean and orderly environment and self impose prerequisite to dispose our garbage to the sanitary landfill in Benhaan, Mambajao managed by the Provincial Government of Camiguin.

Without let up, the Mahinog Business Development Office (MBDO) focuses its effort to enhance the facilities and services of existing economic enterprises, Mantigue Island Nature Park, Queobe Eco Park and Training Center and Taguines Lagoon Aqua Sports Facility. That is aside from developing the Katunggan Park in Queobe area, the potential of mariculture in the same area and Taguines Lagoon and the land acquisition phase of Macao Spring. Aggressive marketing promotion is inevitable to concretize our share of tourist arrivals in Camiguin. This is in the name of investment and employment generation and increase income to the LGU to lessen IRA dependency.

eXpress Delivery of Basic Services for Social, Health and Security of the People

Social service providers have their sight in implementing the 4Ps program, the AICS and Death Aid financial assistance, livelihood programs, supplemental feeding and day care center services. Expansion of Social Pension Program to elderly and person with disability be pursued.

The Municipal Health Office will work on the accreditation of lying-in facility, implementation of maternal care package and new born screening and the expansion of TB-DOTS area for National Tuberculosis Program.

For our youth, we have the Local Education Assistance Program or LEAP, the SPES program and Extended Government Internship Program (E-GIP). We will exhaust our energy to acquire the affected lots, as the home of Mahinog National High School II.

The vanguard on security, the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection, will be hands on in securing our constituents 24/7 along with the MDRRMC and the volunteers of Mahinog Response 143. Securing our people is must, thus the importance to form a composite rescue group for commission during emergency.

To formulate the details, I cause the issuance of Executive Order No. 18, series of 2013, directing agencies concerned to prepare the final perspective of A.L.E.X. 3 Development Agenda in two months’ time subject for presentation to this August body and for us to embrace it as LGU Mahinog’s Executive-Legislative Agenda or ELA.

With our combined commitment and action, with Gov JJ and Congressman XJ at the helm, and the unequivocal support of the Sangguniang Bayan members headed by Vice Mayor Roger, I am optimistic that we can improve the lives of Mahinognon and a progressive municipality ahead.

God Bless Mahinog! Lungsod Ko, Garbo Ko, Mahal Ko!

Maayong Buntag sa tanan.

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